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Mike's Morning Announcements

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Are We Really Talking About Banning Books?

I challenge you to name a time when those seeking to ban or burn books were on the right side   [...]   View Post →

Why are the Anti-CRT People Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King?

Next Monday, January 17, 2022, is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. For two states, Alabama and Mississippi, it is also   [...]   View Post →

Not Defending Chicago Teachers’ Union

I am disappointed to see the recent tactics being taken by the Chicago Teachers’ Union. As of January 9, have   [...]   View Post →

Teacher Dismissals and Taking the Path Away from Racism

A lot of the new laws around the prevention of teaching CRT and other “anti-American” ideas (aka – the truth   [...]   View Post →

Schools Respond to December 16, 2021 Tik Tok Threats

Last night I read an email from a southern California superintendent regarding online threats of violence towards schools. In researching   [...]   View Post →

Let the Legal Challenges Begin

I now know of at least two cases where the implementations of new Anti-CRT legislation efforts are being reviewed, one   [...]   View Post →


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